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She’s Eve, together with Padding Africa provide reusable pads for young girls to attend school and empower women who face extreme poverty to help themselves and become self-sufficient by making pads for their communities. Weekly Style Magazine NYC

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What are your hopes and expectations for gender equality in the next25 years?Stigma, inequality and discrimination still prevent so many girls andwomen from fulfilling their dreams and reaching their full potential.My hope is that we can create a society of true empowerment wherewomen and girls are enabled to reach their goals. I also hope that …

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Scarti di capi vip e il riciclo che non t’aspettiTra Scandicci e Bologna nasce una startup per il riuso dei tagli di lavorazione: diventano assorbenti lavabili che durano fino a due anni La Nazione


Many young women in Southern Africa don’t have access to or the knowledge that sanitary pads exist. They’ll resort to staying home during menstruation or use dry leaves, chicken feathers, banana skins or other scraps of material. They’ll often miss school (a week every month) or attend and risk being teased by classmates for their …

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Evening Standard

A London mother and son duo are embarking on a 2,500km journey across South Africa and Zimbabwe to distribute sanitary kits to girls living in poverty. Evening Standard