Help us to keep a girl in school during her menstruation

Many girls don’t even know that sanitary pads exist and they often use DRY LEAVES, SAND, CHICKEN FEATHERS, DUNG, NEWSPAPERS or pieces from FOAM MATTRESSES to be able to attend school or they dig a hole at home and sit in it for the duration of their period in shame. Many girls DROP OUT of school after falling behind in their studies or being ashamed to go to school from being teased after soiling their clothes with blood.

The only option for them is then to marry and have children at such young ages, where mortality rate is very high in childbirth, leaving aside the problems of HIV etc and lack of clinics, medicines and doctors or nurses. Something as simple as a sanitary pad kit can prevent so many issues and give a girl a choice to stay in school and have a better chance of a future.


Create a rally that will distribute reusable sanitary pads throughout Southern Africa and bring International awareness to the Southern Africa menstrual issue.


Girls drop out of school due to embarrassing moments and loss of dignity and the only alternative after is a young marriage and pregnancy.


National governments have started to take initiatives to distribute sanitary pads. Notably Kenya, but also Zambia, S. Africa and Botswana.