Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana
August 2018

We distributed 1500 reusable sanitary pad kits through ZIMBABWE, ZAMBIA and BOTSWANA.

We will started in HARARE, Zimbabwe and picked up the sanitary pad kits are made by a mothers group in HWEDZA at the Numwa School. Next stop was in MANA POOLS near the Zambian boarder where we covered Karl Pisec Primary School at Kariba and Chirundu Secondary School on the Zambian border distributing the sanitary pad kits.

We then drove up to Lusaka where we went to Nyumba Yanga Secondary School and then to speak with the Lusaka District Education Board about the situation fro young girls during their manstrual cycle and in how to implement sewing sanitary pads in the schools as a project for the girls to make their own and for their friends. From Lusaka we drove to Livingston which is the Zambian side of Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe and close to the Botswana border, we collaborated with African Impact and visited Saint Maryʼs school where we dropped kits ands spoke about feminine hygiene and protection also looking at the prospect of adding sewing the kits in school as a subject with home economics.

In Botswana we stayed at Synati Safari Camp where they will be setting up a sewing group within the town of Kasane we also dropped the reusable sanitary pad kits at the Lesoma Primary School. From there we traveled through Botswana where we then went to Maun Secondary School dropping the reusable sanitary pad kits and looking at future collaboration to set up more sewing groups.

Returning to through Zimbabwe I visited and dropped kits at the Saint Patricks Secondary School in Gweru and then Waddilove High School and Glen View Secondary & Primary School near Harare.

Schools covered:

Karl Pisec Primary School up to 12/13 years – Kariba
Chirundu Secondary School – Chirundu
Waddilove High School
Glen View Secondary School
Glen View Primary School
Saint Patricks Secondary School

Nyumba Yanga Secondary School – Lusaka
Lusaka District Education Board – Lusaka
African Impact – Livingston
Saint Maryʼs Secondary School – Livingston

Lesoma Primary School
Kasane Maun Secondary School