Trip Mozambique from Joburg Aug 2019

Padding Africa will be collaborating with Icorp Anti-Poaching unit, an association focused on animal conservation in South Africa and Mozambique. Together, we will set up sewing groups in communities surrounding the areas they operate in.

First stop will be the Selwane Nature Reserve, a game park that is completely run by local people, not privately or government run. Then, we will travel up to the Mahlatini Game reserve to establish sewing groups and distribute reusable sanitary kits within the community.

We will then cross over into Mozambique and establish a new sewing group with the communities in Mapai, close to the Zimbabwe, South African border.

Last stop is Dululo, near the ocean again, where a last sewing group will be based and, together with the women and school girls, we will make and distribute reusable sanitary pad kits.

In collaboration with Icorp, we are looking to develop volunteer programs which will cover both community development and anti-poaching issues with an adventurous journey.

Padding Africa plans to organize a rally in 2020 that will link all of the places where we have set up sewing groups, working and visiting conservancy and national parks, and distributing pads along the way.

By the end of August 2019 Padding Africa will have covered all of the areas marked below in the map. Areas which we intend to revisit and, with the collaborations established in previous trips, keep the projects alive.

Once a year Padding Africa will organise a car rally, a loop through sub Saharan Africa, to bring awareness to the issues around menstruation, promote entrepreneurship and social impact, by providing an opportunity for our volunteers to be directly involved in the community projects and along the distribution route.